July 2017 Metropolitan Executives Visit to England

As a prominent agent, Metropolitan Holding Managing Director, Mr. Mohamed Al-Sayed and Marketing Director Shaikha Noura Al Khalifa attended Alliance Investments event in London, showcasing the latest developments and real estate opportunities for 2017 -2018. Alliance Investments is a subsidiary of Property Alliance Group, a 27 year established UK property developer and investor with offices in Manchester and London. Their property portfolio includes the majority of sectors including residential, offices, industrial, retail and leisure developments throughout the UK’s cities and regions.

This was followed by a detailed project site visit to Manchester city where the Dynamic team in Alliance Investments head office took pride in taking their agent in a tour to see the progress of the projects firsthand. Executives discussed upcoming plans and ensured that all is going according to schedule.

Development Progress of Oxygen Project

Development Progress of Axis Project

Development Progress of Downtown Project

Manhattan Project under refurbishment


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